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Interesting Thingys 73

It’s overwhelming how many thingys have gathered in just one week. Go on and dig through them…





Web Development


  • dominictarr/npmd distributed npm client. npmd is an alternative npm client that uses leveldb and local replication to improve performance by eliminating unnecessary network round-trips.
  • Raynos/http-framework A web framework based purely on require(‘http’)
  • rvagg/dnt Use Docker to test code against multiple versions of Node.js simultaneously
  • nodejitsu/godot Godot is a streaming real-time event processor based on Riemann written in Node.js
  • How nodejs has revolutionised the mailonline Clifton Cunningham, CTO talks about the stack @ mailonline
  • ▶ Julian Gruber: Level Me up Scotty! - YouTube With all the innovation happening in the “Node.js” database land, and thanks to “npm”, we can create a simple, realtime and persistent browser chat application in just a few lines of code, without using any frameworks. Watch Julian Gruber live code it!
  • deoxxa/npmrc Switch between different .npmrc files with ease and grace.
  • goinstant/secure-filters Anti-XSS Security Filters for EJS and More







  • Welcome · Advanced R. This is the in-progress book site for “Advanced R development”. The book is designed primarily for R users who want to improve their programming skills and understanding of the language.

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